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Against the picturesque backdrop of Vancouver’s beautiful spring weather, the SONiC Mini Summit unfolded with excitement and enthusiasm earlier this month. The event brought together over 350 in-person and virtual attendees from 300 organizations, eager to engage in discussions about the advancement of SONiC and exchange innovative ideas to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s networking challenges. 

If you didn’t attend—or if you did and want a replay—below is a snapshot of what you missed and what you may want to catch up on.

Spotlight on Network Innovation

A diverse range of topics were presented by community members during the event, each shedding light on the power and versatility of SONiC. From community progress updates provided by Arpit Joshipura and Xin Liu, to Tim Schue’s exploration of real-world use cases and Adam Dunstan’s discussion of choosing upstream or enterprise versions of SONiC, the presentations offered valuable insights into SONiC’s capabilities and its impact on network innovation. 

Presentation recordings are now available on the SONiC YouTube channel!

SONiC Empowering Organizations

We had the opportunity to speak with several SONiC experts onsite who shared their experiences and expertise in SONiC. From SONiC users to TSC chair, these short interviews delve into the impact of SONiC on organizations and the industry as a whole. Watch the interviews below:

  • Interview with Alessandro Veras
    • SONiC user and Senior Network Automation Engineer at Telnyx
    •  “SONiC allows us to deliver a cost-effective network infrastructure that was hard to achieve before.”
  • Interview with Marc Austin
    • CEO and Co-Founder of Hedgehog
    • “SONiC and Open Networking 2.0 put the wind at our backs to solve bigger problems like distributed cloud infrastructure for AI and ML apps.”
  • Interview with Xin Liu
    • SONiC Outreach Committee Chair and Principal Product Manager at Microsoft
    • “The difference is that ideas, innovations, and improvements come from daily operation. People use it day in and day out, resolving problems for ourselves and making our lives easier.”
  • Interview with Lihua Yuan
    • SONiC Technical Steering Committee (TSC) chair and VP of Engineering at Microsoft
    • “The SONiC community, along with Microsoft and other companies, invests significant effort into testing and improving its quality.”
  • Interview with Amir Elbaz
    • CEO at BeyondEdge
    • “SONiC liberates organizations from vendor lock-in and proprietary systems, empowering them with a flexible and agile network operating system.” 
  • Interview with Tim Schue
    • Principal Engineer at Dorado Software
    • “It means that we can do an awful lot of code development work on a platform that’s publicly available… It’s significantly changed how we look at innovation and how fast we can innovate.”
  • Interview with Ben Bronson
    • VP of Business Operations at Aviz Networks
    • “I see SONiC as the Linux of networking right now…  join the SONiC community because open source puts the power in your hands to build and run your network how you want it and to innovate and the directions you want to go.”
  • Interview with Adam Dunstan
    • Infrastructure & Networking Development Specialist at Dunstan Associates
    • Adam shares his perspective on the potential of SONiC in networking and how it has played a pivotal role in advancing open networking innovation.
  • Interview with Anil Pannala
    • Senior Technical Program Manager at Microsoft
    • Anil shares how SONiC has contributed to advancing open networking innovation, explains the benefits and challenges of adopting SONiC and more.
  • Interview with Lucy Hyde
    • SONiC Program Manager at the Linux Foundation
    • Lucy shares her personal journey and rewarding experiences working on the SONiC project in this interview.

Join the SONiC Community Today

“…Just as Captain America unites individuals with different strengths and viewpoints, SONiC, through the Linux Foundation’s open source approach, brings together contributors with diverse backgrounds and capabilities, working towards a common mission.”

Lihua Yuan, SONiC Technical Steering Committee (TSC) chair and VP of Engineering at Microsoft

As stated by the community onsite in Vancouver, SONiC’s success lies in its open nature, diverse developer community, and its ability to drive innovation, flexibility, and cost savings. Join the SONiC community today and be a part of the Open Networking 2.0 revolution, where networking is democratized, innovation is unleashed, and the possibilities are endless.