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User & Deployment Studies

Explore SONiC’s impact on networking through real-world scenarios, addressing diverse networking challenges across different industries.

Orange Innovates with SONiC Open Switch Deployment for Telco Use Case

Orange, a global telecommunications leader, documents the first telco use case of disaggregated SONiC switches in production. By using SONiC, Orange harnesses SONiC’s benefits of flexibility, cost efficiency, and open source innovation for future-ready network solutions. This case study exemplifies how Orange is setting new standards in telecommunications, showcasing the tangible benefits of open, software-driven networking solutions.

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Alibaba Data Center Network Use Case

SONiC Alibaba Data Center Network Use Case

This case study highlights Alibaba Cloud’s transformation of its data center infrastructure using SONiC, an open and mature network operating system. Explore how Alibaba achieved substantial cost savings, enhanced network quality, and accelerated innovation across both AI and standard cloud compute/storage architectures, with a commitment to ongoing collaboration within the SONiC community for continuous advancements in network technologies.

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