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Author: Ashay Krishna, Director Of Engineering / Principal Network Engineering Manager at Microsoft

SONiC is an open-source, community-driven Network Operating System (NOS) that has been making waves in the networking industry. SONiC is a part of the Linux Foundation now. SONiC has gained rapid recognition for its flexibility, scalability, and potential to revolutionize network operations.

The SONiC India Workshop 2023: A Confluence of Minds

The SONiC India Workshop 2023 made its mark as a shining example of innovation and collaboration. It stood out as a pioneering event that united experts from diverse fields to share insights, engage in discussions, and collaborate on the efficient implementation of SONiC in a variety of environments, including enterprise, data center, and mobile networks. This platform provided hardware and software vendors with a valuable opportunity to showcase readily available solutions, enabling customers to seamlessly adopt and integrate SONiC solutions into their network infrastructure. Presenters delved deep into the architecture of their implementations and solutions, gaining insights into their capabilities, and learning how to harness their power for their networking needs. Interactive sessions, practical demonstrations, and real-world deployment scenarios made the learning experience both engaging and immersive.

We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our distinguished CVP, David Maltz, for his pivotal role in inaugurating the workshop and providing valuable insights into the exciting developments unfolding within the SONiC framework. His visionary roadmap for the future of SONiC has ignited our enthusiasm and set a promising course for what lies ahead.

Furthermore, we would like to express our gratitude to our esteemed VP (Vice President), Vijay Mamtani, for his illuminating presentation, which expertly navigated the intricate landscape of Azure Networking components, services, and architecture. His knowledge-sharing was invaluable in enhancing our understanding of this vital domain.

Vijay Mamtani – VP Microsoft

Beyond their contributions as speakers, both David Maltz and Vijay Mamtani have been unwavering pillars of support throughout the journey leading up to this event. Their encouragement and backing have been instrumental in making this workshop possible, and for that, we are profoundly grateful.

We extend our sincere thanks to Saurabh for sharing his perspectives on DELL’s official endorsement of SONiC as well as his valuable insights gained through his involvement in the SONiC Governing Board. His contributions were truly enlightening and played a pivotal role in enhancing our comprehension of the significance of SONiC within the context of DELL and its broader ecosystem. We deeply appreciate his expertise and the depth of knowledge he brought to the event.

Saurabh Kapoor – SONiC Governing Board

The Path Forward

This groundbreaking event, which took place in Hyderabad, India, brought together technology enthusiasts, network engineers, and devotees of open-source solutions, drawing participants not only from across the nation but also from around the world. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees and presenters for their invaluable contributions. Our event saw active participation from over 200 individuals, representing a diverse array of more than 15 organizations. We extend special thanks to those who traveled from outside India to be part of this exceptional gathering. Among the participating organizations were industry leaders such as Arista Networks, Aviz Networks, Broadcom, Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, Dorado Software, Marvell Technology, Mavenir, and PalC Networks, to name just a few.

Attendees and Presenters

The SONiC Workshop India 2023 was not only a testament to the importance of SONiC in the world of networking but also a celebration of the global collaboration that drives the open-source community. It shows that, in the interconnected world of technology, innovation knows no borders, and together, we are shaping the future of networking.

In the upcoming year, we are committed to raising the bar even higher for the SONiC Workshop. Our goal is to organize an event that surpasses all expectations, featuring not only enriching technical sessions but also exciting new components such as panel discussions and a Hackathon.

The Microsoft organizer team made this workshop possible!

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