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SONiC New Members Support

By April 29, 2024No Comments

SONiC New Members Supporting Quotes

Member support:

Asterfusion Data Technologies

“Asterfusion is fortunate to collaborate with the SONiC Foundation community in spreading the open network to a wider audience. By doing so, more network users will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of SONiC’s openness, flexibility, and scalability. Throughout the past 7 years, Asterfusion’s commitment has always been to deliver the best Enterprise SONiC Distribution and the most outstanding SONiC-based open network switches. This achievement is accomplished through close collaboration with the SONiC foundation within the community. Together, we’re on a mission to make the power of SONiC accessible to even more network users,” said Andrew HU, vice president of marketing at Asterfusion Data Technologies.

Edgecore Networks

“Edgecore Networks has been working with SONIC community for years providing open hardware and software solutions, we welcome new members to the community strengthening and accelerating the innovation of open networking solutions,” said Nanda Ravindran, VP of product management at Edgecore Networks Corporation.”A growing  SONiC community brings new expertise and open solution options to address advanced networking use cases in AI/ML, Data Center and Enterprises.”

Micas Networks

“We are deeply honored and thrilled to become a member of the SONiC Foundation, as it provides an exceptional platform for micas to facilitate the transition of global data centers towards open networking,” said Grant Lai, CTO at Micas Networks. “Over the past two years, with the rapid advancement of fields such as AI/ML and supercomputing, our SONiC-based open networking products and solutions—characterized by high performance, reliability, compatibility, scalability, and flexible customization—have increasingly gained recognition from satisfied clients. As both beneficiaries and builders of open networking, we look forward to collaborating closely with the SONiC Foundation in the future to jointly explore the path forward for open networks.”

Netweb Technologies

“Joining the SONiC ecosystem presents an unparalleled opportunity for Netweb and to revolutionize the networking landscape. By integrating with SONiC, we are poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend innovation, reliability, and scalability, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era. Our commitment to SONiC underscores our dedication to driving transformative change and exceeding the evolving needs of our customers worldwide,” said Sanjay Lodha, CEO at Netweb Technologies.

PalC Networks

“PalC Networks is proud to announce our membership in the SONiC foundation community, reinforcing our dedication to the advancement of disaggregated networking solutions. With over five years of specialized experience in SONiC application development and a robust 24/7 technical support infrastructure, we are committed to making substantial contributions to the community. This partnership is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of technological innovation and our commitment to shaping the future of open networking on a global scale,” said Krishnamurthy Mayya, director of marketing and product management at PalC Networks.

QualitySoft Corporation

“QualitySoft develops and operates Kubernetes clusters using SONiC and white box switches. SONiC and other OSS and their communities accelerate the cloud-native transformation of society. By developing and operating Kubernetes clusters, we show our commitment to the SONiC Foundation and contribute to the OSS community,” said Hinato Uema, Development Guild Team at QualitySoft.