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Author: Joy Qin, Software Engineer at Alibaba Cloud

SONiC China Forum was held with great success in Beijing, on May 25th.

Cohosted by SDNLab and Alibaba, SONiC China Forum was featured as a key event for the 4th Network Open Source Technology Ecological Conference, which gathered expert scholars and senior engineers from the industry to share their insights and latest experience from their respective SONiC practices.

Lihua Yuan, Chair of SONiC Technical Steering Committee, gave the beginning welcome keynote speech. After that, Eddie Ruan, Vice Chair of SONiC TSC, introduced the agenda and the speakers for the SONiC China Day.

This event has attracted over 200 in-person attendees, despite the rainy conditions in Beijing.

The agenda has two main parts. Firstly comes the sharing of yearly highlight work from SONiC Routing Working Group, some of which are part of PhoenixWing Initiative. Then comes a series of tech talks delivered by senior experts from all major cloud providers in China, who demostrated their corresponding SONiC use cases and presented their valuable development experience and yearly technical highlights.

Technical Topics Recap:

  • SRv6 VPN SID Marking | Shang Shuai (Alibaba) & Jason Bos (Cisco)
  • Multihoming Solutions in SONiC – MCLAG and EVPN Multihoming | David Zhou (Broadcom)
  • Prefix Independent Convergence | Lingyu Zhang(Alibaba), Yongxing Cao(Accton)
  • BGP memory usage optimizations | Yuqing Zhao, ASoC2023 Program, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • SmartSwitch and Flow Processing API based on SONiC Dash | Yongqiang Xiong(Microsoft), ZhiXiong Niu (Microsoft)
  • Challenges in Large-Scale Computing Cluster Robustness | Xuemei Shi (Alibaba)
  • Tencent SONiC Large-Scale Deployment Practice | Zhenqian Tang(Tencent)
  • Practices of Large Model Networks | Yongcan Wang (ByteDance)
  • Ten Years of Baidu’s Practices in the AI Era | Jing Li (Baidu)
  • Network Stability for Kuaishou KNOS System | Haili Ye (Kuai Shou)
  • The use cases for SONiC in AI Data center | Dingbin Shi (SDNLAB)

The complete recording in Mandarin could be found here.

The closing Q&A session received vibrant inquiries and active engagements from the audience. Experts from different cloud providers exchanged their perspectives and experience on how SONiC worked in their specific data center use cases and AI fabric operations.

Open source development has gained momentum and become a mainstream driving force for networking technologies in recent years. SONiC China Forum serves as an effort to advocate the open source SONiC community to more and more users. With the collective wisdom of the community, we expect for a more and more mature and comprehensive ecosystem for the innovative networking technologies based on SONiC.